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The boob tube is full of both beloved moms and others that bewilder us. As viewers, we get our fill of wonderfully scripted characters with children — from Betty Draper on Mad Men to Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy to Nora Walker on Brothers & Sisters. Join our group to talk about the parenting styles and practices of the small screen's matriarchs. We'll also chat about topical issues from episodes. So set your DVR or grab the remote and get watching so you can chime in!

Is Betty Draper a Bad Mother?

Posted By Moms on Sep 25, 2009 at 10:28PM

What's your opinion of Mad Men's most famous mother?  In a day and age when attachment parenting has become popular, it seems like Betty Draper is rather distant with her three children — Sally, Bobby and baby Gene.  Do you think her character is typical for that time or is she a bad mother?

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